Retained Search

In a retained search model, part of our service fee is paid up front. That fee is what pays for our in-depth process. With this model, a dedicated recruiting team is assigned until the search is completed. This type of search is typically used when confidentiality is important, or when mission-critical resources are needed quickly. Our clients retain our services when they want an “all hands on deck” approach to their search.

What are the benefits of using a retained search model?

Dedicated Resources – Once a client makes the decision to move forward with a retained search, we assign and dedicate a specific Practice Leader to lead and oversee the search from start to completion. The selection of this resource is based on their experience level within your industry, as well as location (our Practice Leaders focus on specific geographical areas).

Depth of Screening – The candidate screening process is much more comprehensive shutterstock_182245457 400x258with a retained search than with a contingent search. In-depth background checks, reference checks, academic checks, employment verifications, and verifiable W-2′s are included with every retained search.

True Collaborative Partnership – With a retained search, The Kineta Group has no vested interest in a specific candidate, and instead acts as an extension of your team. In addition, employing a retained search firm allows your management team, including C-level executives and company board members the ability to say “I retained a firm to fill this position.” This way one vendor is held accountable for the entire project and everyone knows exactly who is responsible for the search.

Competitive Intelligence – By engaging The Kineta Group on a retained basis, we are able to act as your “PR” firm by openly sharing your company name to increase success – namely by eliminating initial candidate resistance and widening the net, all the while promoting a positive public image. This allows us to enthusiastically present and promote a targeted message to separate your opportunity from others in the hyper-competitive SAP marketplace

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