Networking Your Way Through the Holidays

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a self-proclaimed wallflower, make networking a priority this holiday season.

Experts agree that networking has become an essential skill for today’s career-driven professional. In fact, networking is the number onetworking_holiday157ne way to land a job and advance your career.

Not only are you ten times more likely to land the job when your job application is accompanied by a referral, but by getting an inside look at the company culture from your connection, you’re more likely to fit in with the organization, thrive in its environment and stay with the company longer than the average candidate blindly applying online.

As the holidays approach and your calendar fills with cocktail parties and family get-togethers, remember to make networking a priority this season. To get you started, I’ve collected some of my favorite networking tips of all time.

10 Good Ways to ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

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