Our Process

  • Client Interview – The client interview is a fact finding session designed to learn as much as possible about the company, people, goals, challenges and needs. From this information a set of screening questions along with the correct answers will be drafted and pre-approved by the hiring manager (you) to ensure that all candidates presented will meet or exceed the required skill level. It is only because we understand SAP from a module, sub-module, and business process level, that we are able to conduct such an in-depth analysis of your unique SAP environment before we begin a new search.
  • Job Profile – A Job Profile will be created to reflect the specific behaviors needed to be successful in the position, in addition to specific SAP skills. This information will help keep interview team members aligned and will provide valuable behavioral based screening questions for each candidate.
  • Search Plan – While learning about the company, we will develop a comprehensive search plan that will include all of the company’s information where the desired skill sets can be found. This step and the following step are where most search firms cannot devote enough resources to fully penetrate a market.
  • Identification – Companies are researched to determine who should be contacted within those companies with the appropriate skill set. No stone is left unturned. Our vast resources enable us to include this step rather than “networking” which limits our client to only a cross-section of the available candidate pool. This allows us to identify top-of-class candidates in the passive candidate pool, as opposed to candidates found on job boards and who respond to internet postings, enabling you to hire the best talent, not just the best unemployed candidate on the market.
  • Execution – Our philosophy is that the very best candidates don’t have to look for their next opportunity. Their reputation precedes them and opportunities come to them. Our job is to deliver our clients’ messages to the top candidates in the SAP space. It’s well-known that:
    • 77% of candidates are passive – they’re not looking for a job but they will listen if we called them. This is where the A-Players live.
    • 10% of the market will never leave, until they’re fired or retire.
    • 13% are actively looking for jobs and oftentimes because they’re unemployed.

That means that, instead of looking at job boards and recruiting the low-hanging fruit, we craft a unique message, pre-approved by our clients, and take that message out to sell our client’s opportunity directly to the A-Players in our space.

  • Screening – Since we understand the technology so well, we are able to effectively screen candidates specific to your unique SAP environment. We partner with you in crafting a requirement list to drill down to candidates who not only have the technical skills necessary to do the job, but also the required behaviors, values, character traits and soft competencies – the defining criteria that leads to effective performance.
  • Reference Checks – Not only do we find A-Players for our clients, but we are uniquely different than most search firms in that we validate this by checking references for our candidates, before we send them to our clients. We make sure that our candidates have the right core competencies, values and behaviors needed to make a difference in your organization.
  • Delivery – We maintain one of the best offer/acceptance ratios in the industry, which means that our clients hire more of the people they interview. This saves you time and prevents a negative reputation in the market. By pre-closing candidates, you know how to get the candidates you want, when you want them. In short, we treat your hiring of the right candidates as a deliverable.
  • Post Hire Performance – We will follow-up with both the employee and the employer for more than a year after the placement is actually made to guarantee a smooth transition is made and the performance of both parties is moving in a highly productive manner. If relocation is needed, we will provide a relocation service as part of our comprehensive set of services.
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