David Patterson



David Patterson founded The Kineta Group in 2010, with the goal to be one of the only firms to successfully specialize in both SAP direct hire and consulting solutions. Prior to that, David ran a successful SAP practice for several years, winning many awards for production and client satisfaction. David brings 17 years of high-level recruiting experience, combined with 10 years of focused SAP experience, along with a wealth of sales, marketing and management expertise. Recognizing that the single biggest driver towards results is people, he is a firm believer in helping his clients empower themselves with the right talent, in the right place, at the right time. Thus, our philosophy of “Empower your Enterprise” was constructed.

David’s strategic direction and unwavering commitment to The Kineta Group has allowed the firm to not only survive but thrive through the toughest employment climate the United States has seen since the Great Depression.

David currently resides in Tampa, Florida where he loves spending time with his two children. He enjoys an active lifestyle as a competitive CrossFitter and licensed skydiver. In his down-time, you can find him diving shipwrecks in Key Largo.

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