Contingency Search

This service is used when time is not critical, or when there are multiple positions of similar descriptions that need to be filled.  Since there is only a fee paid when a hire has been made, many companies see this as a no-risk alternative.  In addition, they believe contracting a firm on a contingency search basis creates competition among search firms. Unfortunately, when competition increases among search firms the level of talent found and presented is not necessarily increased in direct proportion. In reality, the caliber of identified talent can actually drop precipitously due to lack of candidate screening.  Pre-qualification often becomes haphazard because competing firms are racing to submit their candidates to the hiring manager as quickly as possible.  In addition, many contingency firms only contact sub-par or average candidates that are either unemployed or searching job boards – as opposed to high-quality “A” level candidates that are happily employed and not necessarily actively looking for an opportunity.

At The Kineta Group, we understand that many employers have been burned by contingency search firms who make tall promises and do not deliver.  We have systems and processes in place to ensure the success of your search, even if your hands are tied and you have no other option than to engage us on a contingent basis.  To discuss a recruiting solution that is most suitable for your company’s needs, click the link below.

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