Kineta Sales and Marketing

The Kineta Sales and Marketing (Kineta SAM) practice is dedicated to placing individual contributors, managers, regional vice presidents, vice presidents and senior vice presidents of sales with SAP Service Providers. Salespeople are the cornerstone of any business, and our search consultants are experienced in identifying, attracting, and most importantly, vetting sales people and sales and marketing leaders in order to find the true hunters that can take our clients’ organizations to the next level.

Every sales and marketing candidate we place is fully vetted by doing a deep dive on their prior performance metrics, quota attainment and sales style. In addition, we conduct video interviews to assess executive presence, and in-depth personality profiles to measure their sales cadence, pace and their ability to close business.

  • True sales hunters don’t need to look for a job. Companies come looking for them. As such, most of our candidates are not found on the job boards and are not currently seeking employment. In fact:
    77% of candidates are passive – they’re not looking for a job but they will listen if we called them. This is where the A-Players live.
  • 10% of the market will never leave, until they’re fired or retire.
  • 13% are actively looking for jobs and oftentimes because they’re unemployed.

We target that 77% of the SAP sales and marketing space, instead of the 13% most other firms do.

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