Paving the Way to SAP Solution Adoption in the Cloud

Learn about an alternative to on-premise SAP solutions that still delivers innovation, scalability, flexibility, and speed: managed cloud as a service. This offering allows customers to gain subscriptions to SAP solutions through approved partners, harnessing their expertise in a given solution or industy, with little up-front investment or time to go-live.

Q: What is managed cloud as a service?

A: Managed cloud as a service provides customers with subscription-based delivery of proven, on-premise SAP solutions through a partner’s private cloud in the form of packaged and managed services.1 This model makes solutions such as SAP Business Suite applications, business intelligence solutions, as well as SAP HANA and its associated extensions available to customers who want access to SAP software but are unable to acquire those products from SAP, whether for financial, infrastructural, or other reasons.

Along with access to innovation, customers gain scalability, flexibility, and speed. Instead of a big, upfront investment, and time spent during the implementation when the solution isn’t providing value, customers can gain value right away. The customer also has the opportunity to leverage the expertise and scale that an experienced SAP partner can provide.

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